"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." - George McDonald

"Rebecca has made a huge impact on my mental and physical health. ( I am not one for sharing publicly but she is worth it). I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and most recently chronic pain. I have tried talk therapy for many years and talking about the past just made me feel heavier. I have always been extremely passionate/ambitious but with the weight of my trauma, I found it hard to see hope and a future. Rebecca has helped me look forward to the future again, see the beauty in our world, feel safe and acknowledge/respect my past. She is like a therapist and life coach all rolled into one. Her warm compassionate energy and positivity has also led to a change in how I see my physical conditions and assists me to find power over my body again. I have and would never have tried clinical hypnotherapy but today I would recommend her to those I love most. Thank you Rebecca - you are truly born to do what you do."

L.H - Anxiety, PTSD & addiction

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"After a life changing traumatic experience, I had (Past tense) been a compulsive nail picker for ten years prior to my first session with Rebecca and I have not touched them since other than to cut them with nail clippers! As a Landscape Gardener and musician, I now have renewed strength in my fingers and am enjoying the immense pleasure of playing my guitar with nails and, simply, just the look of them. This positive experience is now branching into all areas of my life. Thank you Rebecca. You have helped me infinitely."

D.P - Anxiety, habit elimination
"Bec is amazing. In my initial chat with Bec to set up the meeting she made me feel at ease - and that we would explore whether hypnotherapy would be the right fit. I got the feeling that she had my best interests in mind and that if it really wasn't a good fit, she would let me know so I could find something that would really help. It turns out it was exactly what I needed. In our first face-to-face we talked through everything. Her evaluation was incredibly detailed - no stone left unturned.  I'll share the basic gist because it really helped me, and hopefully this review will help you too! I had just had my first baby and my world was spinning - I hadn't realised it was post natal anxiety at the time. I did a couple sessions with Bec and she gave me a recording of our session to take home. It worked so well. Now I'm able to be fully present for my baby, and enjoy all of her quirks and curious nature without obsessively worrying all the time. Bec is amazing!!I can't recommend her highly enough! "

J.D - Post natal depression, anxiety
"I was very lucky to have Rebecca help me quit smoking. This was a demon that I lived with daily. I had tried time and time again to quit, I had come to the conclusion that it was something that I would never be free of and I will have to just live with it.When I smoked I constantly wanted another cigarette, and I never imagined to live a life free of cigarettes.Rebecca gave me control back of my own life. After over 20 years of smoking I am free and I am in control. I don't think of myself as I have quit smoking, but that I am now just a non smoker and this is something that will never change.I instantly trusted Rebecca and she was there for me throughout the whole experience. She has a very loving, thoughtful and calming personality and made me feel very comfortable.If you want to quit smoking I highly recommend Rebecca. It will be the best thing you do for YOU!"

C.P - Smoking, anxiety
"Bec was amazing. She efficiently figured out the issues and I felt 100x better after one session...after 3 was virtually a new me! Made some massive changes with confidence and now loving and living  life to the fullest. Very flexible with times, quick responses to emails, thoughtful after care etc Highly recommended! Thanks so much Bec!"

K.W - Anxiety, life coaching
"Rebecca is amazing!!! It isn't always easy to talk about anxiety and negative thoughts. Rebecca is very empathetic and I felt very safe. She helped me get control over my feelings. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone!"

S.S - Anxiety, phobia, fear of death
"I've been so lucky to meet Rebecca, her professionalism , charisma and insights has made me think a lot about myself and to start improving things that I've been holding for a very long time! I can't wait for our next sessions! Thank you Bec :)"

P.O - Anxiety
"Rebecca is an amazing coach and psychotherapist - the results she achieves in such a short space of time are outstanding!  Highly recommend!"

A.M - High performance
"Bec is an amazing listener and really understands people which gives her the unique ability to cater to every type of learner. Bec is approachable and trustworthy, she knows when to step in give guidance and also how to coach you though finding your own way. She is an amazing coach"

S.P - Leadership & high performance
"Bec has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. You leave spending time with Bec feeling like to can take on the world."

A.H - Anxiety
“Bec‘s training and development philosophy is simple. She approaches courses with passion, enthusiasm and most importantly an understanding of what makes a company tick! On the number of different courses she has conducted, Bec always exceeds expectations by leveraging of an in-depth knowledge of her audience, their development needs and aligns those needs to business objectives- the end result - skilfully manufactured training and long lasting development of a company’s most important asset. The people."

L.S - Leadership Development
“Bec has been with me since I began my leadership journey. Her honesty, caring, encouraging nature shines through all her training and coaching sessions. She has inspired me to believe in myself and become the leader which was hiding away inside of me for many years. Bec’s training style assists you to find what works for you in a way you can apply to all aspects of your life. Thanks Bec, you’ve changed my life!”

K.W - Performance Coaching, Leadership Development
“Bec has been such an amazing coach and trainer to me. She has helped me achieve many goals, both personally and professionally, and I can’t thank her enough for that! I believe Bec has made me a better leader and she has greatly boosted my confidence and belief in myself. Her support is incredible and she will work with you to help you realise your full potential.”

T.D - Performance Coaching, Leadership Development
“Bec is an inspirational, genuine business and life coach who has supported me through not only my manager and leadership journey but also life. I would not be the woman, let alone leader I am today without her knowledge, non-judgemental listening ear, caring nature and encouragement.”

K.W – Skype coaching client Queensland