Hypnotherapy treatment for low self esteem

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” - Marcus Aurelius


Lack of self-confidence and other self-limiting beliefs are usually strongly ingrained patterns that we’ve been running sometimes for our whole lives. Often they can be linked to previous experiences of rejection or failure which can either lead us to seek approval or feel fear of further rejection. Hypnotherapy can change these quickly and in their place create new and more resourceful patterns.

Typically, if you’re struggling with these sorts of beliefs then your own self-assessment may be inaccurate so our work will be to support you to create a more realistic self-assessment by understanding how you make self-assessments and judgement about your self-worth and abilities. What we often see is that our own self-assessment is wildly different from how we assess others so hypnotherapy is a tool that can support you to bring these inline.

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