Hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” - Marcus Aurelius


If you suffer from anxiety then it can often leave you feeling out of control and all alone. Did you know though that nearly half the population suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder at any one time and we all get anxious from time to time. Prolonged periods of stress or anxiety can have serious consequences for your health but the good news is that hypnotherapy is a completely natural and highly successful way to treat anxiety with long lasting and outstanding results.

Anxiety is a perfectly natural response to an external threat. Our risk assessments have helped us evolve as a species (think the caveman who came across the hungry lion), however, where it becomes a problem is when we’re unable to accurately judge the judge risk. You may not realise it but anxiety itself doesn’t exist. It’s something we do or a process we follow based on cognitive distortions around risk that we run.

While the cause of anxiety differs from person to person, the patterns of distortion that we run are the same and include:-

- Rumination and a tendency to over analyseA dislike of uncertainty
- Globalising – that things are always a certain way
- A sense of being out of control (and if you do perfectionism then a need to control everything)
- Decision making processes based on feelings

Anxiety is also a future oriented distortion. When we’re anxious we find ourselves focusing on and creating meaning around what may or may not happen in the future. It’s a fear response to something that hasn’t even happened yet! When we treat anxiety with hypnotherapy, we break down your thought patterns and distortions and replace them with more resourceful patterns. Hypnotherapy gives us the tools to successfully challenge our own cognitive distortions and stop worrying about that which doesn’t exist.

A little more about anxiety
There is no one specific cause of anxiety. The truth is that any number of things can trigger our anxiety and as our lives become busier and more fast moving, we tend to feel more pressure to fit more into our day, look, behave or feel a certain way and achieve a certain level of “success.” All of this along with other life stresses such as relationship breakdowns and career setbacks can use up all of our resilience and cause us to feel overwhelmed, stressed and ultimately anxious.

Think of your anxiety threshold like a jug of water. The more we get triggered, the more we pour from our jug until we find it completely empty. You can’t pour from an empty jug and when that happens, we start to feel the full effects of our anxiety.

The effects of anxiety
Prolonged periods of anxiety can lead to a range of health issues such as raspatory problems, heart palpitations, digestive issues, headaches and a loss of libido. It can also lead to panic attacks, depression, cause extreme fatigue or even life-threatening conditions such as cancer.  Anxiety can also lead to poor coping mechanisms such as the use of drugs, alcohol or control strategies which can all have serious consequences. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool to help you increase your resilience, develop your own coping strategies and help bring you back to great health.

What my customers say
"Bec was amazing. She efficiently figured out the issues and I felt 100x better after one session...after 3 was virtually a new me! Made some massive changes with confidence and now loving and living  life to the fullest. Very flexible with times, quick responses to emails, thoughtful after care etc Highly recommended! Thanks so much Bec!" K.W"Rebecca is amazing!!! It isn't always easy to talk about anxiety and negative thoughts. Rebecca is very empathetic and I felt very safe. She helped me get control over my feelings. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone!" S.S

Next steps
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