Corporate Services

"Creating a space for your team to open up and work better as a unit".

With over 15 years experience as both a Learning & Organisational Development Specialist and, as a qualified Strategic Psychotherapist,
I have unique cross section of skills that allow me to work within organisations to support cultural and behavioural change and create strategies to drive talent engagement and retention.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about people and talent development with a proven record in culture change and creating one-of-a-kind learning experiences. I work with my clients to develop and deliver content, support leadership growth and development, build their succession and talent planning, support culture change, develop capability frameworks, and coach and mentor their team.

I work with clients come from a variety of sectors including insurance, allied health, retail, government, information and tourism.

What my clients say
"Bec is very positive in the way she shares information, is well prepared and is able to engage people quickly. I am not sure what kind of happy pill she takes each morning but if we can find out we should get them for everyone" -Michele Grow, CEO for Health, APM

"With renewed thanks for this dynamic and thoughtfully designed program. i enjoyed it immensely and walked away very grateful" - Lyndal Box, Director & Founder, LB Learning Solutions

"ILP is privileged to have Rebecca Sharp as part of our L&D tribe, and we are grateful for all the support she provides to our community." Kerry Brocks - Director & Founder, ILP

"You are such a passionate and engaging professional to work with. Thank you for sharing it with those around you" - CEO in Allied Health